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We keep the home page translated to English as a service for our non Spanish speaking visitors but not the rest, because we don’t know if it will be particularly compelling to people from other countries, since the most interesting content revolves around data previously unreleased  about different Spanish charts.

If you are curious though, most pages are quite self explanatory even if you don’t speak Spanish. The main page of each year shows the highlights and a Spotify or YouTube selection of the greatest hits. The secondary page, accessible through the big red “aquí”, shows more detailed info, complete playlists of all the songs that charted in the top 10 in the USA, UK or Spain separated by genre, and a table with their respective positions in all three charts plus a venerable Spanish radio chart.

The “timeline” section in the header lists the main artists of each year to help you get your bearings, and the “lista maestra” shows an A-Z of all the artists and their charted songs if you look for something specific.

To find out more you can use good ol’ Google translator or simply head to the forum where we have opened a channel for English speaking fellows. Also you can get in contact through our e-mail

See you around!

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